Vandy vape capstone bf rda - waterfall squonk action & unique design


26 Май 2017
Vandy Vape Capstone RDA is a squonk atomizer with totally new appearance, new deck, new airflow system and of course new vaping experience! From outside, we see its airflow cap, which is decorated with many tiny quadrangular pyramids, suggesting the shape of the innovative deck, the Capstone Deck. The deck consists of three layers with single screw to connect it from the top, and it's on its slopes that we build the coils, single or dual coils. In this way, Capstone creates the innovative upward ramp airflow. Also, the trapezoid top cap is used to control airflow intaking from two sides, bringing surprisingly new flavor(Another PC Comp Cap for another airflow inlets)! Finally, the waterfall squonk action makes the cotton full of e-juice, producing mouthful and tasty vapor!
Waterfall Squonk Action
Reduced Build Chamber
Domed Interior AFC Cap
Natural Airflow Ramp Build Deck
Pyramid Single Screw Clamp Deck
Spring Loaded Deck
Knurled Deck Clamps
Capstone Pyramid AFC Cap
Adjustable Airflow System
Supports Single Coil Builds
Dual Trapezoid Airflow Slots
Integrated Bottom Leak Prevention O-Ring
Frosted One-Piece PC Comp Cap

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